The Beginning

MTG ADEPT was only an idea for years...and then suddenly, as a result of some swift and drastic changes to the WotC premier play setup, something needed to be done!

There were whispers all round the community for years following the unfortunate loss of the New Zealand 'Nationals' event. Whilst WMCQ's were still large and got the winner overseas for free, they lacked the same sense of community feel. They were not an amazing weekend of Magic for all to enjoy!

It was not only losing Nationals that spurred this idea on, but also the fact that great regular series and events were happening all over the world - but not in NZ...why? Also, NZ was starting to lose traction with WotC in terms of Grand Prix and we were heavily affected by the changes to the PTQ system. We needed something more...

In August 2015 we put word out to stores, judges and players and started constructing the idea and process for Selectionals, which would get people into the main tournament at the MTG ADEPT Representationals Event - A three day weekend of magic awesomeness!

The debut of Representationals was a decent success with around 100 players congregating in Nelson, NZ, for a three day bonanza. The main tournament - The Title Trophy - had 53 players participate for a Top 8 prize pool of $3000 cash. These players all earned an invite through their local Selectionals with the exception of the three players who won their invite in our last chance qualifiers. There were also three additional Open trophies run: Standard, Modern and Legacy - All with great prizes! There were fun drafts and other side events all weekend and most importantly, players met new friends and had a great time!

Right Now

Currently, we have just started our second round of Selectionals to feed what will be the second annual MTG ADEPT Representationals Event. This year we will be holding Representationals in Wellington at the Wellington Bridge Club. With more stores running Selectionals and hosting Representationals in a major centre, we are expecting larger numbers in attendance. We have committed a $4000 cash prize pool for the Title Trophy Top 8 this year and also added an Open Vintage trophy to the line up. There will be stalls, trades and a schedule of side events. It is not something you will want to miss!

The Future

From here on in we are looking to develop regular content made by the players for the players and have it up on this website for all to enjoy. We aim to continue helping stores with our knowledge where applicable. We hope to assist judges with their development whether its helping them to an event or getting invaluable experiences at ours. Finally - YOU - the players! We want you to continue playing with passion and integrity. We want you to be able to enjoy bigger events on home soil. We want to see NZ form some great teams and end up with a fierce presence on the world stage...However we can help make this a reality, we will - TOGETHER!