Tezzeret Thopter - A Tournament Report from MTGAdept Selectionals, Megazone, Dunedin

I had two decks to choose from for the MTGAdept Selectional tournament: a homebrew U/B Tezz'o'thopter list (decklist at the bottom) or a reasonably stock Elves deck.  I used my Tezz deck and lent the elves to AJ Cross, who came up from Balclutha to play.  Turning up to play ended up being a good decision for AJ as he ended up knocking me out of the top four and then winning one of the invites to Representationals 2017.

Here is a quick writeup of my day.

Match 1 - Bradford Brizzel with Jund.
Game 1 started well for me with the combo in hand.  He was mana screwed and stuck on two lands for most of the game, but 2 Abrupt Decays took out my Thopter Foundries leaving me in trouble.  My backup win con is Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas, and I made what looked like a correct decision to -1 it the turn I played it, which turned out badly.  A mainboard Kolghan's Command killed the Tezz on board, stripped the second Tezz from my hand and although it took another half dozen turns before he closed it out, the game was effectively over at that point.  

Game 2 saw me make three significant errors.  I forgot two Mishra's Bauble draws and made a sequencing error leaving me with colorless up instead of blue (with a Metallic Rebuke in hand).  Without the counter to protect my Bridge I lost it, and then lost the Tezz that was threatening lethal when he swung.  No magic for 3 months left me rustier than I had realised!  We ended up in a weird place where I had forgotten to draw a card. A judge was called and I offered the concession, but Bradford opted to allow me to draw the card as he looked sure to win and wanted to play it out.  I top decked a Thopter Foundry to finish the combo and 5 turns later snatched a win.

Game 3 we went to time, we both had gas and it was impossible to tell who would win. 

Wins / Draws / Losses: 0-0-1

Match 2 - R/G Scapeshift

Game 1 could have gone either way till he forgot to pay for a Summoner's Pact.  Shitty way to win, but I couldn't let it slide so on to game 2.

Game 2 I was simply raced with no answer.

Game 3 he missed a suspend trigger which probably didn't change the outcome but but certainly made the game easier.  A bridge kept his Primeval Titan in check and bought me the turns I needed to get the combo going and then close the game out with a Tezz ultimate.

Wins / Draws / Losses: 1-0-1

Match 3 - Raven Mackenzie with Affinity. 
Raven is a very good Affinity pilot; she has been using the deck for years, but I am heavily favoured in the matchup.

Game 1 I mulligan to a reasonably good hand and Inquisition her Mox Opal turn 1, turning her very fast hand into very average one.  The combo is online T4 and from there its just a case of closing it out.

Game 2 I am never in it. I slow her down but can't get the combo online so she scoots under the Ensaring Bridge with Signal Pest triggers and kills me reasonably quickly with the Inkmoth and poison.

Game 3 I mulligan again into a hand with nothing but an Inquisition of Kozilek and and the combo.  Can't ask for more against Affinity.  I Inquisition her Ravager on turn 1, have the combo online T3, and I get the concession.  

Wins / Draws / Losses: 2-0-1

Match 4 - AJ with Elves.
I know this matchup is very bad because it's my deck he is piloting and I know it inside and out. The only way I win is if he has awful draws.

Game 1 I lose on T4 to beatdowns. I counter some stuff but it only slows him down – it doesn't even come close to stopping him.

Game 2 I crack a Bauble on my second turn and see a Heritage Druid on the top of his deck.  He had led with an Elvish Mystic so I know the chances are high I am in trouble.  He plays a Dwynen's Elite leading into the Heritage Druid and then an Archdruid, which it leaves him with 11 power on board at the end of T2 and he is going to start T3 with 11 mana available.  My turn I have nothing relevant. His Collected Company finds an Eternal Witness (returning Collected Company) and a Shaman of the pack, and just to rub salt in the wound he casts another Collected Company into double Shaman of the Pack on my next end step.  I really missed a damnation here.

Wins / Draws / Losses: 2-0-12-1-1

I came fifth in the event, but really liked the deck -especially against the new post ban meta.  I forgot to put my Damnations in my box before leaving home though, and I really missed them.  The new counterspell Metallic Rebuke is fantastic and although I don't think this is really the deck that can make it shine, I think it has a place somewhere.  When playing with things like Thopter Foundry, Sword of the Meek, and Ensnaring Bridges, it feels like an “average” casting cost is about 1.25.  Cryptic command was awful; I saw it multiple times but never played it. I think that with some better board wipes - even just running Damnations (probably 1 main and 2 side) - this would have been a great deck for the metagame that I saw.


4 x Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas
4 x Thirst for knowledge
3 x Thopter Foundry
3 x Sword of the meek
3 x Ensnaring Bridge
4 x Mishra's bauble
2 x Talisman of dominance
4 x Mox opal
1 x Relic of progenitus
2 x Cryptic command
2 x Metallic rebuke
2 x Spellskite
2 x Inquisition of kozilek
4 x Serum visions
1 x Academy ruins
1 x Urborg, tomb of yawgmoth
1 x Inkmoth Nexus
3 x Island
2 x Swamp
2 x Watery grave
4 x Darksteel citadel
2 x Flooded strand
4 x Polluted delta

2 x Metallic rebuke
2 x Echoing truth
2 x pithing needle
2 x Tasigur, the Golden Fang
2 x Spell Snare
1 x Deathmark
1 x shadow of doubt
1 x Spellskite
1 x Relic of Progenitus
1 x Welding Jar