What's Up with MTG Adept?!

Written by Mani Gardwell

I wanted to take the time to give you all an update on Selectionals, cover some things that are coming up in the next year, and generally just give you some exciting info!

So, Selectionals…what are they again? Selectionals are the main way for players to earn an invite to The Title Trophy which is held at the MTG ADEPT Representationals, this year in Wellington from 25th – 27th August. Representationals itself is run a bit like a miniature Grand Prix across 3 days with lots of tournaments throughout. The Title Trophy is the ‘main event’ where players with invites compete over 2 days, battling in multiple formats. This year, the Top 8 prize pool consists of $4000 cash, with the winner receiving $1200. Anyway, enough about that…

We are about half way through Selectionals for the year. We have run 19 so far and there are 10 more currently confirmed and scheduled. Participating stores in Dunedin, Christchurch, Nelson, Wellington and Auckland are all looking to schedule more for their local players. The current numbers are as follows:

Players Qualified for The Title Trophy – 46 (7 from Premiere avenues, 39 from Selectionals)
Players with Points – 118
Unique Players in Selectionals – 157
Total Entries to Selectionals – 222

Details of Invites and Points can be found here: http://www.mtgadept.com/invites-byes-points-2017

This is a great start to our second year and if it continues, we will see growth on last year. We would like to see 400+ Total entries into Selectionals by August. To check out when one might be on near you, follow the link - http://www.mtgadept.com/events/?view=calendar&month=April-2017


The Title Trophy is going to have a Top 8 prize split as follows:

1st - $1200
2nd - $700
3rd/4th - $450
5th/8th - $300

This is $1000 increase on last year and we hope to increase this every year if growth in attendance is evident.

The formats and Structure of The Title Trophy for 2017 will be as follows:

Day 1:
4x Rounds Modern
4x Rounds Standard
Cut to Top 24 (if attendance is 64 or fewer) or Cut to Top 32 (if attendance is 65 or more)

Day 2:
3x Rounds Modern
3x Rounds Standard
Top 8 Draft – Hour of Devastation/Amonkhet


It's important to note that even if you don't have an invite to the Title Trophy at Representationals, there are still a bunch of great side events to take part in. Alongside the Title Trophy, we are also running a Vintage, Legacy, Modern, and Standard Trophy, all with great prizes. There will also be tons of sealed events firing, and most importantly, a bunch of other players for you to come and hang with! We at MTG Adept love the community aspect of the game, and our goal is to support and nurture that spirit in NZ magic. So come along and be a part of the fun.

Speaking of community, we are always open to feedback as we want you to enjoy these events...whether you are a player, judge or store owner. Please get in touch at mani@mtgadept.com with any feedback you might have and also look out for 'Feedback Posting Stations' at Representationals, where you can leave us a note anonymously, describing things you liked and things you would change/improve.

Now, for an exciting announcement on how you can influence WHERE the next Representationals is held!


If you want a say as to where Representationals is held, come out and play!!!

Representationals Zoning.png

This year’s winner of The Title Trophy will determine where Representationals 2018 is held! It will be decided by where the winner lives at time of winning the tournament. For anyone who falls in the North area - Auckland is where the following Representationals will be held. For Central - Wellington. For South - it will be Christchurch. The idea is that as part of your reward for winning, you get to defend The Title on or closer to home soil. Also, there was always hope that these types of events would create comeradery and the coming together of more localised communities. Basically, it gives you more to play for now and more reason to rope your friends in and prepare for the event. We are sure it is going to be AWESOME!

Disclaimer: Representationals 2020 may be held where it started – In Nelson, to mark our 5th year.


That is all for now. Please message us or comment below with any feedback, questions or general notes. We really do appreciate the support so many of you give and know it would not be possible to do this without your involvement.

Thank you.