MTG Adept Representationals 2017: Everything You Need to Know

Representationals 2017

So, Representationals 2017 is less than two weeks away! We hope you're ready because Wellington will be full of MTG players experiencing three days of AWESOME!

Here is the schedule at a glance. We recommend saving it to your phone for easy access:

Let's go over the events and prizes:


The Title Trophy:

First, The Title Trophy (currently held by Remi Pearce) spans two days and starts at 9:15am on both Saturday and Sunday. 

Title Trophy Participants Must Register by 8pm Friday 25th August to be enrolled in the Title Trophy Event. We will have registration available at the venue on the Friday between 10am and 8pm. If you cannot make it down on the Friday, you will need to register online here. You can do this from now until the deadline mentioned above. Please include your full name and DCI number. We also ask that you arrive by 9am Saturday morning collect your playmat and wristband.

Day 1:
4x Rounds Modern and 4x Rounds Standard
Cut to day 2 (Top 24 if 64 of fewer players, top 32 if 65+)

Day 2:
3x Rounds Modern and 3x Rounds Standard
Cut to Top 8 Draft! (HOU/AMK)

Decklists are required and will be available on site. Each player must have 2x lists, one for each deck. Cards that appear in both a players' Modern and Standard decks can be switched between decks during the format changeover. You are not required to have 5-8 of one card.

Prizes for Title Trophy:

1st - $1200 + Title Trophy (to be displayed in LGS until next Representationals)
2nd - $700
3/4th - $450
5/8th - $300
9th – The ‘Salty’ Box of 36 HOU Boosters
10/12th – 18 HOU Boosters
13/16th – 12 HOU Boosters
17-24/32nd (depending on day 2 cut) – 6 HOU Boosters
24/32nd – Last Place (day 1 cut) – 2 HOU Boosters and 1 AMK Booster – So you can draft your sorrows away!

Note: The winner of this event will determine where the next Representationals is held according to where they live. Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch are the options. Can you take home the Title Trophy and determine where Representationals is hosted next year?


On Demand HOU Drafts and 4 Player Commander:

For our drafts, the prizes will simply be:

1st – 5 HOU Boosters
2nd – 3 HOU Boosters
3/4th – 2 HOU Boosters

For our Commander, prizes will be:

1st – 2 HOU Boosters + 3 Points (see below)
2nd – 1 HOU Boosters + 2 Points (see below)
3rd – 1 point (see below)

Also, with this being the celebrational release weekend of the new Commander 2017, we will have a league type thing going…so, at 6pm on Sunday night, whoever accumulated the most points throughout the weekend with on-demand Commander events will win a FTV Angels!
*Winner must be at the venue to claim the prize. In the case that the winner is not, we will continue down the list of points.


On Demand 8 Man LCQ’s – All day Friday:

These are your last chance to get into The Title Trophy (if you are not qualified), or to get a bye or two (if you are already qualified). These events will be 8 Man Single Elimination, with your choice of Modern or Standard format.

1st – Invite + Playmat OR Bye to The Title Trophy
2nd – 3 points + 4 HOU Boosters
3/4th – 2 points + 1 HOU Booster
5/8th – 1 point

Remember you can earn an invite alternatively by reaching 7 points. All points from Selectionals and LCQ’s will go toward this threshold. Current points can be found here.


Conspiracy 1&2 (Mixed) Draft:

This will be madness and super fun! (I might have to jump in too if everyone is cool with that.) We will be splitting evenly draft sets of either 2x Conspiracy 1 and 1x Conspiracy 2 OR 1x Conspiracy 1 and 2x Conspiracy 2…you will sit at your allocated 8 player draft table and see what you get. Then we will be playing in 4 player pods. The winner of each pod will advance to another pod of 4 (or closest possible number to) and so on. Prizes for pods are as follows:

1st – 3 HOU Boosters
2/3rd – 1 HOU Booster

The final winner will receive their choice of available FTV’s and second place will get second choice from available FTV.


MM17 and EMA Drafts:

These will be limited to 16 players and the following prizes will apply:

1st – 4 HOU Boosters
2nd – 2 HOU Boosters
3/4th – 1 HOU Booster


Chaos Draft!

This looks to be extreme and quite the experience. If you can win your way to the top of the lucky 8 players, you will win a FTV 20 for your efforts. Packs will be put into draft sets according to balanced value, however, all players will roll a D20 to determine who has 1st to last pick of their draft set. There are only 7 spots left available for this event. Please contact us at or message direct on FB through our page or call on 021 207 6270.


2HG Iron Man:

If you have not played this format, you have not lived! It is brutally exciting and now with invocations in AMK/HOU it gets even better!

You and your buddy (other head) will get 4x AMK and 4x HOU Boosters to build a 40-card sealed deck each. You then get paired against another 2HG and battle, but there's one huge caveat: any card that hits graveyard – gets RIPPED UP! At the end of the match, the winning team takes all of their opponent’s cards (what’s left of their decks and sideboard) and gets some time to rebuild their 2x 40 card decks with the new cards they have (considering some of their previous deck may also have been ripped up).

Prizes will be:

1st – Kaladesh Fatpack Each
2nd – AMK/HOU Draft Set Each

Commander Party (Circle of Death):

It is the release weekend of Commander 2017! What better way to celebrate this (apart from also having on-demand Commander ‘league’ all weekend) than to have a Grand Epic Finale Commander Event to close Representationals 2017!

This idea was stolen from English Nationals (maybe 2008) where about 30 players sat in a giant circle and had the time of their lives, picking each other off one by one. So, you sit in a big circle. You can only attack to your immediate left. You can only cast spells that TARGET to your immediate left or right. Board wide effects are still board-wide. If someone dies, they are out and the circle tightens. The last man or woman standing is the victor! To keep it easy, we will follow official MTG Commander ban list guidelines.

We will have 7-8 copies of each brand new 2017 deck available for sale at the venue over the weekend for anyone who is without.

Prizes will be:

1st – Commander’s Arsenal
2nd – FTV (Choice)
3rd – FTV (Second choice)


Open Standard Trophy (currently held by Richard Kuoch aka Podgey Panda):

This event will be a chance for all those not in the Title Trophy to battle it out and sling their Standard cardboard! It will be a Double Win-a-Box with the winner receiving 2x HOU Booster BOXES! Amount of Booster prizes for the rest of the players depends on turn out.

The event will be Swiss rounds appropriate to player numbers with a cut to Top 4 or Top 8. Apart from a heap of boosters, there is of course The Standard Trophy for the winner too! Decklists will be required and available on site.


Open Vintage Trophy (new this year):

From time to time you might hear ‘There isn’t enough Vintage’ and Vintage players are often the ones saying it…So this year we have added a Vintage Trophy to the line up! This is on Saturday afternoon and gives Eternal players the option to get up late both days and play Vintage Day 1 and then Legacy Day 2. Remember that Vintage decks don’t have to have POWER 9 cards…It’s nice, but there are some pretty good decks out there in vintage (like Eldrazi) that don’t use power.

Give it a whirl, throw your 75 together with a few of those powerful cards you wish you could play in other formats, and come win an original MANA DRAIN + The NEW Vintage Trophy!!! Decklists will be required and available on site.


Open Modern Trophy: (currently held by Michael Willis)

This was our biggest event last year aside from The Title Trophy - 28 Players. Modern is awesome and currently a super popular and super diverse format. This year it is on Sunday, which means it will likely be bigger again with many Title Trophy players joining after being cut from Day 2. Decklists will be required and available on site.

Like the other Trophy events, this will be swiss rounds with a cut to Top 8.

Prizes will be:

1st – A PLAYSET of all RTR ‘Shocklands’ + The Modern Trophy
2nd – 16x MM17 Boosters
3/4th - 8x MM17 Boosters
5/8th – 4x MM17 Boosters
9th and below – 1x HOU Booster


Open Legacy Trophy (currently held by Theo Gnat):

Legacy was decent last year with 23 players and some spicy decks. The format looks to have grown a lot in popularity since May 2016 with the release of EMA as well as increased support in certain parts of the country. This year we hope for 40+ players to really make this a massive Sunday afternoon event! Decklists will be required and available on site.

The structure will be swiss with a Top 8 play off.

Prizes will be:

1st – Revised Underground Sea + The Legacy Trophy
2nd – 16x EMA Boosters
3/4th – 8x EMA Boosters
5/8th – 4x EMA Boosters
9th and below – 1x HOU Booster

Some sweet cardboard:

Judge Team:

Your wonderful judge team of 10 is confirmed. We have a wide spread of L1’s and L2’s coming from Dunedin, Christchurch, Nelson, Wellington (a few to represent local), Palmerston North and Auckland. Lexx Stokes, an amazing L2 hailing from Wellington, will be leading this team.

Whilst on the topic of Judging, there will be a ‘Mini Judge Conference’ held on the Friday from 11am to 5pm. It is at the same venue and is FREE to you! For anyone interested in finding out more about judging or even wanting to get started, this will be wonderful thing to go to!


The one and only Yugi Moto of Nexus Games, Nelson will be selling and trading all types of single cards as well as sleeves and dice, from Friday Morning – Sunday Evening. Yugi has a wide range of Standard and Modern cards, a fair chunk of Legacy and even a few Vintage worthy cards. He also has a large stack of Expeditions, Inventions and Invocations. If you want to ask for certain cards before the event to be prepared, send him a message on Facebook.


We will have a limited number of our Representationals 2017 Playmats on sale for those who are not competing in The Title Trophy. These will be $25 each and only while stocks last! We will also have our brilliant quality pens and life pads available in the hundreds. These will be $3 each or 2 for $5 (2 pens, 2 pads or 1 of each).


Some basic snacks (nuts, chips, chocolate bars) and drinks will be available in the main foyer for the most part of the weekend. Look out for the price list at the kitchen window!

An announcement will be made at Representationals regarding our exciting new offer to NZ players. In line with this we will have samples of our range of apparel. Zip Up ($45) and Pull Over Hoodies ($40), Crew Jumpers ($35), Polo Shirts ($30), T Shirts ($25) and Caps ($30). There will be a pricing guide and an order sheet. Orders will be payable either at the time of order or within the week after. Apparel will be sent to you within 5 days of being ordered. Watch this space and listen out for the announcement!


Logistics and Useful Info:

*Representationals 2017 will be held at the Wellington Bridge Club, 17 Tinakori Road, Thorndon, Wellingon.


*Parking is limited on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, we will have approximately 30 parking spaces.

*Buses run from the city every 30 mins or so. Information can be found here or on Google. The best places to take a bus from are probably Manners Street or Lambton Quay.

*ALL of our Trophy events will require decklists (Title, Standard, Modern, Legacy and Vintage). We will have these available for you on site.

*This year we are implementing wristbands, just like being at a festival! When you arrive for the first time to the venue, you will be required to sign up with your full name and email address and will in turn receive a white wristband, which you will need to keep on until the last time you leave the venue. To ensure no one is evading this requirement, we will not register/sign you up for an event if you do not have a wristband. We will also be doing random spot checks.

*We will have a secure room for bags and other items if you need something stored. Just ask our staff on the weekend.

*EFTPOS will be available for Event Registration as well as the items from the MTG ADEPT store; however, we would strongly suggest bringing some cash for ease (and singles).

*For ANY of our events you sign up for over the weekend, you will receive an exclusive MTG ADEPT character card of your choice (while stocks last). There are 5 to collect.

*We will have Feedback Boxes in both play halls and the foyer area over the whole weekend. Please think about what useful feedback you may already have regarding the Selectionals or MTG ADEPT’s communication etc. Otherwise please take a minute to tell us how the weekend itself is going for you. What are you really enjoying and what would you change? It will all help make next year even better!

Finally, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING!!! We know it has been a long one, but hopefully it was worth it. Now you can start to imagine the weekend and decide how you will make the most of it. If there is anything you feel we have missed or you want clarified, please send us an email at:, message us through our FB Page or even txt us on: 021 207 6270

We look forward to seeing you REALLY SOON at the MTG ADEPT Representationals 2017 – One of the biggest and best Magic: The Gathering Events in NZ!