Mar-Doing it with Mardu!

Written by Devon Smith

Having played BTL Scapeshift for what felt like forever, I decided to turn my attention to something different. I really liked Mardu Pyromancer, so got the deck together. I have recently had some really good runs with it at PPTQ’s in and around Auckland.

This report is from a 39 player PPTQ where I went 4-0-2 and top seed into Top 8. 

Round 1 - UW Control - 2-1

Game 1 I rip his hand with Thoughtseize and he has Teferi and Jace and lands. I take the Jace. Then I get down Young Pyro and souls and beat him to death and I'm able to Collective Brutality escalated to take his sweeper. He got the Teferi down but it was too late at that point (had to hit terminus) 

Game 2 he manages to stabilize with timely reinforcements and Jace takes over the game.

Game 3 he plays an untapped shock land so I know he has path. I play Young Pyro anyway as my hand has molten rain and rabble and I'm on 2 lands with no other land in hand. He paths end of turn then plays RIP on his turn. I untap my 3 lands and molten rain his hollowed fountain. Following turn I play Rabblemaster. I beat him down with Rabble hard and he has multiple field of ruins and islands. He eventually trades a snap block with rabble and goes down to 3 while trying to fix double white for verdict in his hand. I Thoughtseize the verdict and he can't hit triple blue for cryptic or terminus and dies.

R2 - BR Hollow One - 2-1

Game 1 I thought I had the game but he managed to get multiple bloodghast out of no where with haste.

Game 2 I get loads soul tokens and double bolt him for lethal.

Game 3 I go super wide with souls and Young Pyro tokens and kill him.

R3 - Mill - 2-0

Game 1 I rip apart his hand and Young Pyro and Rabble him to death.

Game 2 he gets Ensnaring Bridge down but I Kolaghan’s Command it and then he beats me down with Creeping Tarpit to 2 life. Looting into a second Reveler into a brutality drain puts me out of range and him at exactly 7. 2x Lingering Souls and double prowess trigger from Bedlam Reveler is enough to do exactly 7.

R4 - Hardened Scales Affinity - 2-1

This guy has beaten 3 Mardu players in a row and comes up against me.

Game 1 I think I have him because of all my tokens but he gets an exactly lethal poison kill using modular triggers, Inkmoth and Hardened Scales and I don't have any souls available to block.

Game 2 Leyline of the Void into Stony Silence into loads of tokens from Young Pyro and souls carries the game.

Game 3 he has an average hand and I pick at it with inquisition. I then go wide with souls and Young Pyro tokens. He doesn't have a Walking Ballista to deal with them.

R5 - Jeskai - ID

R6 - Burn - ID

Top 8

Quarterfinal - Bridgevine - 1-2

Game 1 I pick apart his hand and make tokens. I Kolaghan’s Command him on draw step killing one of my Young Pyro tokens to remove his bridge from yard while making him discard his only card in hand. He has Hollow One and 2 zombies. I have heaps of souls and Young Pyro tokens and just attack him to death.

Game 2 I had the game under control and should have won but I made a huge punt and tried to Fatal Push a hollow one. For some reason I kept thinking Hollow One was 4 mana. If I had Fatal Pushed the Vengevine I would have won.

Game 3 I got stuck on 2 land and he floods the board super quickly. I Inquisition his hand and only legal target is Bridge from Below *sad face. He’s Looting and cycles to get Hollow One down. I play Anger of the Gods to sweep the board but he has sac outlets and his hollow one still survives and I end up getting crushed.

Feels bad to lose a Top 8 match to such an avoidable mistake, but it’s important to recognise these things, learn and move on. The deck is really good and seems well placed in the current modern Meta. You should try it out! Link to the list I’m playing is below. Cheers for reading!