Event Registration - Representationals 2019

Pre-Registration for ALL Trophy Events closed at 9pm on Wednesday 31st July. If you missed this deadline, dont worry, we have more spaces available for ALL Trophies and you can sign up either on Friday between 10am and 10pm, or at least 30 minutes before your scheduled events start time. We will accept EFTPOS (no credit) and cash.


Friday 2nd August:

9:15am - Standard Trophy - $40
6:00pm - Vintage Trophy - $40

Saturday 3rd August:

9:15am - Title Trophy Day 1 - $100
4:00pm - Legacy Trophy - $40

Sunday 4th August:

9:15am - Title Trophy Day 2 - Top Cut
12:30pm - Modern Trophy - $40
2:00pm - Title Trophy - Top 8

Grab your cards and your mates and make your way to Auckland ready for Friday 2nd August!

See you soon!

*Find more info on Facebook under ‘Representationals 2019’